Case Study
Industrial Manufacturing

Reducing Days on Hand and Dropped Shipments with GearTrack

Automating Manual Tasks on the Yard

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment was growing frustrated with its long-time post-manufacturing process that relied heavily on manual yard management work and offered little inventory visibility. Employees were frequently unable to find specific products, resulting in dropped sales, customization or maintenance delays, and poor brand experience.

Leadership knew it needed a solution to provide real-time inventory visibility across the yard and offer a user experience easily incorporated into daily employee routines. Also, the chosen solution had to scale effortlessly as production and orders increased.

Driving Post-Manufacturing Operating Effectiveness With GearTrack

Working closely with Cox 2M engineers, our global manufacturing client selected and implemented GearTrack to address its asset management needs. Within days of implementing GearTrack, it became clear it was the right tool for the job.

Instead of spending hours physically looking for a specific product to fulfill an order or repair ticket, employees used GearTrack to locate it within a few minutes. A sensor attached to the asset on the line and removed upon ordering ensured a closed-loop tracking system with insight into the location of each individual product.

Realizing the Benefits of an Improved Yard Management System With GearTrack

By improving the efficiency of an outdated post-manufacturing yard management system, our client realized a strong return on their investment. In addition, the client reported an improvement in employee satisfaction. In an industry with significant turnover, a better working environment for employees can improve retention and increase productivity.

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Better Bottom-Line Performance

By reducing inventory management costs and dropped shipments while saving hours of manual labor, our client experienced a significant ROI on their GearTrack investment.

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Enhanced Customer Service

GearTrack’s real-time inventory visibility empowered the client’s team to locate and fulfill orders more quickly.

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Improved Employee Experience

Instead of spending hours physically searching for an asset, employees are now able to immediately locate any asset at any time with GearTrack.


20% reduction in dropped shipments


80% reduction in time spent locating assets


20% reduction in expenses related to unnecessary late reconfigurations


20% reduction in aged inventory expenses

Streamline Your Manufacturing Yard