Manage your entire inventory
from the palm of your hand
Lot Vision phone app

Instantly see and evaluate inventory

with a few taps on your mobile device

Tired of spending your days looking at a sea of equipment that’s all the same color, not knowing which way to walk to find the specific unit you’re looking for? Our Lot Vision system puts your entire inventory right at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Imagine. You’ll have 24/7 access to what’s in stock, and where it is on the lot. You’ll also be able to instantly know what equipment needs maintenance and what’s ready for sale, auction or rental.

No more wasted time walking the lot to find equipment— with Lot Vision you can focus your efforts on what you do best:  building your business and quickly getting customers the right equipment for their jobs.

Know equipment location
from anywhere at any time

  • Find the current location of any piece of equipment in your inventory from your desktop or any connected mobile device.

Improve productivity
with instant access to workflow tracking

  • Know how much time equipment spends in each phase of the lot.

Reduce holding costs
and improve your efficiency

  • Improve operations with analytics that highlight trends.

Meet your customers' needs
every day

  • Know the status of inventory 24/7 so you’re always ready to deliver the equipment your customers want.

Cover your entire footprint
whether you have one location or many

  • Track the inventory on multiple lots so you always have the big picture of your operation.

Stop wasting time and effort trying to locate assets —

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