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Dealership_01 BG_ ISO-WOMAN ONE - CLICK INVENTORY AUDITS Eliminate time-consuming data entry.
Man-13 VIN #: 1ABYZ23 LOT C, ROW 8, SPACE 10 Ready to test drive!
ISO-MAN VEHICLE ARRIVED Sent to be detailed!
ISO-WOMAN Yep, those four VINS we're expecting are at the off-lot facility waiting to be transferred.
ISO-MAN The car you're interested in is still available, though it is on a test drive now. The car in repair bay 2 has been there longer than scheduled. What's the hold up?
ISO-WOMAN Those 10 vehicles in lot 4 have been there too long. I need to investigate. ALERT: BATTERY LOW VIN #: 1ABYZ45 I need to get that ready for a test drive! Pair sensors with new inventory in 60 seconds and view LotVision immediately.

Proven ROI Through Streamlined Operations

An independent research firm, Hobson & Company, conducted market research that validated strong return on investment for dealerships that automated lot management with LotVision.

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In-Vehicle Sensors

In-vehicle sensors instantly identify the vehicle you’re looking for and provide the fastest route to it, meaning less time wandering the lot.

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VIN-Specific Diagnostics

VIN-Specific on-board diagnostics alert you of a dead battery or other mechanical issues before a scheduled test drive.


Zone Settings

Configurable zone settings allow you to track, monitor and report on movement of vehicles through your workflows and across your entire operations.


Customizable Alerts

Customizable alerts of vehicle movement in and out of zones provide additional security over your inventory.

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Seamless Integrations

Seamless integrations with existing systems means easier, faster and more accurate inventory reconciliation.

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Easy to Install

Easy to install and easy to use, LotVision helps your employees tackle routine tasks faster so they can concentrate on higher-value work.

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