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Public Sector

City of Henderson Reduced Energy Costs by 16%

Building an Innovative Partnership

The city of Henderson and Cox 2M formed a partnership that would create an innovation corridor on Waters Street in downtown Henderson. This agreement would allow the city and Cox 2M to trial a select list of IoT solutions designed to address the infrastructure needs of the city. Chief among these solutions would be the deployment of smart lighting on 15 standard and 18 ornamental lights.

The objective was to test and evaluate how these new components could promote energy savings, as well as enable a variety of operational efficiencies.

Group 6686

The City of Henderson Key Strategic Plan Priorities

Group 7006

Improve Public Safety & Quality of Life for its Citizens

Group 7003

Reinvest in Aging/Existing Infrastructure

Group 6988

Create Financial Resiliency & Economic Vitality

Group 7005

Ensure Responsiveness & Digital Innovation

Program Scope:

  • 12-Month Pilot Program
  • Smart Lighting Controls on Two Primary Streets

Key Success Factors


Energy savings through timed dimmer controls


Reduced costs of operations via maintenance efficiences


Increased visibility to outages with daily reports

Pilot Program Findings and Metrics

The project began with assessing infrastructure conditions, eligibility for bulb replacement and where NEMA sockets existed. If fixtures had existing NEMA socket capabilities, a controller could be installed without the need for a new fixture.

The controller would capture data on energy usage, allow for dimming schedules to be set and would provide the city with real-time insights into the health of their lighting infrastructure. This new capability would also automate a previously manual process and empower the city to use resources more strategically.

This pilot program successfully demonstrated how smart lighting can be used to achieve more reliable, efficient and responsive operations. The program also set the stage for a connected and monitored network that can support a wide variety of evolving infrastructure applications. 

A trial program like this is a win/win partnership; it helps Cox 2M improve its ability to design, implement and scale productive solutions, and it helps the municipality better understand the additional value it can deliver to its residents beyond illumination.

The existing city lights were equipped with smart lighting controllers that allow for both dimming schedules and proactive monitoring and maintenance through real-time analytics. As a result, the city of Henderson was able to gain substantial savings in both energy consumption and operational efficiencies by reducing false-positive events.

They also improved the quality of life and safety for citizens by activating alerts to reduce response time from 6 weeks to 1-2 days through real-time notifications when a light is out via the smart community platform.

Reduction in Energy Consumption and Projected Savings 

Residential Lights

Group 7005

6.5% Reduction in Overall Consumption

Group 7005

$28 Projected Annual Savings
per Circuit

Decorative Lights

Group 7005

19% Reduction in Overall Consumption

Group 7005

$229 Projected Annual Savings per Circuit

Real-Time Usage
and Reports


In Summary

With a combined energy savings of 16% overall, the City of Henderson could realize these saving across the city’s remaining 20k+ lights. In addition, the city staff could realize greater efficiencies and decision-making capabilities with the use of the data the infrastructure is now able to capture, benefiting both the city and citizens alike.


"This pilot is underway as an R&D test bed to integrate an innovative solution ecosystem. Cox brings useful on-the-ground experience, having worked for years alongside the public works departments of various cities."

Alyssa Rodriguez, Director of IT City of Henderson, NV

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