Smart Parks

Smart Park Solution 

Adding Value to Your Green Spaces With Integrated Technologies

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A Turn-key Solution for Smart Park Design

Smart Parks Pilot Program

Creating Better and Safer Experiences

Places where citizens feel safe and secure are more enjoyable and utilized more. Leveraging technologies and data allows you to more effectively determine community needs while increasing nearby property values and economic development.

Smart Park Offering

Cox Business is proud to offer a turn-key solution that covers permitting, construction, hardware, software, connectivity and support, allowing us greater control over cost, timelines and supportability and allowing city leaders to focus on core business.
Program Includes:
  • Camera: 6 units (2 Pant-Tilt-Zoom & 4 Quad lens)
  • Dashboards (monitor key KPIs)
  • Alerts/Notification For Events: 10 Alert types
  • Park Facility Usage Trends, Heat Maps
  • Vehicle/People analytics
  • Most and Least Used Space
  • Park Asset View
  • Live Camera View (**)
  • Video Management Software Integration