Real-time accuracy.
Unreal efficiency.

A Comprehensive View of Your Customers’ Fuel Levels.

Any time. Anywhere.

Our end-to-end solution removes the guesswork from your delivery operations. This easy-to-use platform delivers accurate, real-time access to historic and current fuel levels via a mobile app.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

  • Keep customers’ operations running smoothly by preventing unexpected empty tanks
  • Increase the value of your tanks to drive new revenue streams

Increased Efficiency

  • Reduce delivery costs by up to 50%
  • Improve dispatch process with automated ticket creation based on fuel levels

Stay Ahead of Demand

  • Accurately track “days to empty” on each tank to optimize driver route planning
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  • Rated for LP Gas, Lubricants, Diesel, Gasoline, and Anhydrous Ammonia systems
  • 10+ years battery life
  • Easily snaps onto Rochester Remote Ready Dial
  • Dual SIM with AT&T and Verizon CAT-M and NB-IoT
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Fast Installation
& Activation

  • Installs easily, so no need for third-party installation company
  • Installation scales quickly to cover a large number of tanks
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& Custom Alerts

  • Reports tank level and ambient temperature every 12 hours
  • Create customized hourly alerts for your desktop base and mobile device
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  • Supports AT&T, Verizon, and IoT Cellular Network
  • Dual SIM ensures network coverage in rural areas
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  • Connects easily to your fuel management software
  • Cox2M APLI process allows do-it-yourself integration
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& Support

  • Cox2M provides 24/7monitoring of device, network, and platform performance
  • Issue resolution during business hours from Cox2M support team
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