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Read about how LotVision helped Manheim track over 500,000 vehicles across their sites below

Around 30,000 tracking devices installed within 6 hours

To bring data-driven efficiency to its lot management, Manheim chose a tailored implementation of Cox 2M LotVision, with planning and managed deployment across all sites over a period of 12 months. Working together at one site, the two companies installed approximately 30,000 vehicles with tracking devices within six hours. 

To date, the management platform has been mobilized at all sites. Using the data from these sensors, and the LotVision platform, Manheim’s managers and lot staff can work faster and smarter.

Faster turnaround, improved customer experience

Within a week of installing LotVision, Manheim had solved its lost car problem. Managers used data to quickly find opportunities within vehicle path workflows to improve efficiency, eliminate duplicated effort, accelerate speed-to-market and reduce cost. Also, the capability to capture and analyze onboard diagnostics (OBD) readings and vehicle battery levels remotely was instrumental in driving additional efficiencies and improvements in customer experience. 


Increased speed-to-sale, reduced operating costs and identified centers of best practice, enabling the business to better hit its goals. 


Managers have reduced costs with simplified inventory management and improved commercial performance through alignment to SLAs.


The operations team has improved staff and lot productivity through auditing workflows. Real-time alerts have also reduced vehicle risk.


Thanks to intuitive software and continuous vehicle location and status monitoring, customers get their cars faster and ready to drive, every time.