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About Cox 2M

Connected IoT Solutions That
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The Right People and Technology To Serve You and Your Business

At Cox 2M, our mission is to empower our customers to improve their businesses with connected IoT solutions. We accomplish that by delivering intelligent systems that promote frictionless interactions between people, places and things — enabling our customers to solve business challenges and provide better experiences for their customers.
VP & GM, Cox 2M

Meet the Team

Headshot of Barak Weinisman, Founder and CEO of Cox 2M
Barak Weinisman
Founder and CEO
Headshot of John Kiernan, CFO and CSO of Cox 2M
John Kiernan
Headshot of Imran Lakhani, COO of Cox 2M
Imran Lakhani
Headshot of Peyton Riley, Co-CTO and CPO of GearTrack, Cox 2M
Peyton Riley
Co-CTO, CPO | GearTrack
Headshot of Kleon Kita, Co-CTO and CPO of Kayo, Cox 2M
Kleon Kita
Co-CTO, CPO | Kayo
Headshot of Trishna Bogetic, Head of Commerical Strategy of Cox 2M
Trishna Bogetic
Head of Commercial Strategy
Headshot of Ilan Gluck, CRO and GM of Cox 2M
llan Gluck
CRO & GM | GearTrack
Headshot of Alex Han, GM of Kayo, Cox 2M
Alex Han
GM | Kayo
Headshot of Mike Young, CRO of Kayo, Cox 2M
Mike Young
CRO | Kayo
Cox 2M employees brainstorming together Cox 2M employees discussing innovative IoT ideas Cox 2M employees in the office.

Cox 2M is a leading provider of commercial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. As an agile and growth-oriented enterprise, we are committed to delivering innovative and intelligent systems that offer essential real-time data that enables insights-driven business decisions.

Powered by Strong Values & Culture

  • Icon to symbolize Cox 2M Core Value: Delight Our Customers

    Delight Our Customers

    We're so obsessed with meeting our customers' needs that we work tirelessly to deliver solutions that solve their problems before they even realize they exist.

  • Icon to symbolize Cox 2M Core Value: Be Bold

    Be Bold

    We all form and have a point of view. Share it and celebrate everyone's perspective.

  • Icon to symbolize Cox 2M Core Value: Strive for Excellence and Continuous Improvements

    Strive for Excellence & Continuous Improvements

    Like powerful antennae, we are tuned to signals from our environments to highlight where change is needed, and like scientists, we rigorously and continuously experiment with solutions.

  • Icon to symbolize Cox 2M Core Value: Own your Domain

    Own Your Domain

    We are each the CEO of our domain, which means we do what it takes to get the outcome we need.

  • Icon to symbolize Cox 2M Core Value: Operate with empathy, support and trust

    Operate With Empathy, Support & Trust

    We seek to understand, show empathy and act with humility to foster safety and trust.

  • Icon to symbolize Cox 2M Core Value: Celebrate the Journey

    Celebrate the Journey

    We care about our work, each other, our causes and our work-life balance. We celebrate our efforts together and have fun along the way.

Why Cox 2M

  • LotVision

  • GearTrack

  • Kayo


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