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Smart Automotive
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Auction Lot-OVERVIEW2
Auction Lot-OVERVIEW2
ISO-MAN VIN # HAS NO ACTIVE DTCs Instantly know vehicle location and status from anywhere Pair your inventory with LotVision in seconds to accelerate sales staging WOMAN-12 ZONE 6 PREINSPECTION VIN #s:
Prep for sales faster with zones aligned to your processes
Auction_Lot-BG CU-NEW Man-12 EXTEND LOTVISION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Dynamic, real-time DTCs deliver status reports that customers can trust Two People-1 Time saved on routine tasks = more time building client relationships
Auction Lot-OVERVIEW2-REMOVED ISO-MAN Reconditioning times were up 20% last week. Let's get them back on track! Man-13 One-click inventory reconciliation without time-consuming data entry
Man-13 ALERT! VIN #: 1ABYZ23 There's an unauthorized exit from zone 3. Take action now!

LotVision is Proven To Be Both Strategic and Measurable

Analysis of an automotive lot client demonstrated a 668% ROI and a 90% reduction in vehicle tracking and retrieval. Read the report by independent research firm Hobson & Company.

Explore LotVision's Key Features




Zone Settings

Zone settings let you monitor vehicle progress through steps like processing, cleaning or reconditioning for maximum operational efficiency.

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Reliable Location Tracking

Reliable location tracking with in-vehicle sensors allows finding vehicles faster and alerts you to dead batteries and other mechanical issues.


Custom Alerts

Custom alerts notify you when a vehicle spends too much time in one zone or moves into a zone without authorization.

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Diagnostic Dashboard

Diagnostic dashboard provides real-time inventory and DTC information that allows for more efficient vehicle staging and preview sessions.


Performance Reports

Performance reports provide insights into lot performance and operations to help you improve customer experience and maximize profitability.

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Simple to Install

Simple to install reusable sensors support vehicles across multiple lots and sites, both indoors and outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.

Vehicles in a car lot that showcases how you can use Cox Automotive's EV battery health solution across several lots. Press Release

Cox Automotive Deploying Industry-First, VIN-Specific EV Battery Health Solution Across Manheim Locations

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3 Ways to Better Manage Auto Inventory During Supply Chain Shortages

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Proactive Vehicle Maintenance is
Key to Quicker
Sales Cycle

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