Our End-to-end
IoT Solution

Field-proven Technology That Positions Your Business for the Future

The IoT Advantage

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    Increased Business Intelligence

    Quickly and easily capture, process and synthesize volumes of data for valuable insights that support faster and more intelligent decision-making.

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    Improved Operational Efficiency

    Boost efficiency and highlight improvement opportunities with the automation of routine tasks and activities.

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    Elevated Customer Experience

    Ensure a superior experience and nurture long-term customer relationships with routine task automation that allows your team members to focus on customer-centric activities.

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    End-to-end Solution

    Gain greater control and accountability with a comprehensive approach and cohesive package that's backed by top-tier support.

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    Dynamic and Scalable

    Future proof your business with a highly scalable, quickly customizable platform that supports future growth/added functionality of the LotVision solution and additional application integrations via open APIs.

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    Easy Implementation

    Get immediate value with simple to attach sensors and user friendly software that requires no complicated training.


How Our End-to-end IoT Solutions Work

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  • SensorsCollect and send actionable data (i.e., video images, location information, and performance stats) from assets that previously couldn’t communicate.
  • NetworkNetwork transmitters, like cell towers and GPS satellites, gather and relay the data from sensors to the IoT platform.
  • Platform & ApplicationThe IoT platform collects and synthesizes the data to support each of the IoT applications. End users access the platform via their subscribed applications to gain better visibility and control of their assets.

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