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Small Business
Fleet Management

Providing Greater
Control Over Your Business

Save Time. Save Money. Eliminate Small Business Fleet Blind Spots.

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    Increase Jobs & Productivity

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    Lower Maintenance Costs

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    Ensure Workforce Safety

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    Trip Data

Kayo: Powering Small Business Owners

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    Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

    Increase fleet efficiency and business performance with instant, accurate and reliable vehicle and workforce tracking 24/7.

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    Stay Road Ready

    Real-time monitoring of vehicle health and maintenance reminders ensure vehicles are road ready, preventing costly downtime and improving customer service.

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    Cut Fuel Costs

    Save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint with real-time data on idling patterns and a lockable tracker that prevents hidden trips.

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    Improve Productivity

    Keep your drivers safe and productive and your customers happy with in-app messaging that keeps you on top of your workforce anytime, anywhere.

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    Easy to Install, Easy to Use

    Plug-and-play installation and easy-to-use interface get you up and running with no extra hardware or tools needed for immediate value and savings.

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    Flexible Subscription Options

    Membership gives you access to real-time vehicle data with no activation fees and anytime cancellation.

Get set up in a snap and see everything in real time. Kayo is your go-to for easy vehicle tracking.

It’s smart tech made simple for small businesses, giving you live vehicle insights to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Let Kayo be your vehicle manager so you can focus on what really matters, YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Let Kayo Work Hard For You

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Purchase the Kayo Device

Your Kayo GPS Tracker will arrive in the mail in a few days.

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Download the Kayo App

Scan your device code with your smartphone to activate your tracking membership with a 14-day free trial.

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Connect Your Vehicle

Plug the Kayo device into your vehicle’s OBD port for instant visibility. Your vehicle is ready to track!

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Take the guesswork and challenges out of fleet tracking and management.

Focus on growing your business.