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Hero banner overhead image of vehicles in a smart factory, with an overlay showcasing additional information to symbolize Cox 2M's Computer Vision offerings.
Computer Vision

Turn Visual Data Into Opportunities

Extract Greater Insights
for Your Business

Apply Machine Learning To Visual Data and Improve Operating Standards

Improve Safety & Productivity 

Save money and improve driver safety 

  • Decrease bad driving behaviors and reduce accidents with real-time driver monitoring
  • Reduce insurance costs and resolve claims quickly with instant access to vehicle data evidence 
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Illustration to symbolize how Kayo can help improve small business fleet safety and productivity when paired with Computer Vision.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Automate tasks to improve efficiency

  • Analyze shipments to detect defects or damage 
  • Enhance automated inventory counting and storage environment management when paired with asset tracking 
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Illustration to symbolize how GearTrack can streamline supply chain management when paired with Computer Vision.

Keep People Moving

Apply visual data to keep traffic flowing, business booming and people protected

  • Create improved policies with the ability to detect and analyze usage of high-traffic areas
  • Improve roadside and roadway safety by automating enforcement
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Image of Cox 2M's curbside solution in action on a busy street in Nevada.

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