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Intelligent Lot Management

That's Smart for Business


The Data You Need to Save Time and Money and Gain Productivity

Work Smarter With Data-Driven Insights

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    Real-Time Vehicle Location

    Accurate and reliable tracking of vehicles within 10 ft. wherever they’re located — indoors, outdoors, on and off the lot or in underground garages.

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    Vehicle Health Status

    Real-time, VIN-specific alerts of the DTC codes that are most important to you as well as alerts that can be set to indicate dead batteries.

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    Inventory Management

    Accurately know what vehicles are on your lots and the VIN associated for streamlined accounting.

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    Process Automation

    Track assets with alerts that report where an asset has been and how much time it spent in each zone. Identify potential operational bottlenecks with history reports.

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    Geo-fencing technology makes it easy to keep your vehicles secure across your entire footprint and alerts let you know when unauthorized movement occurs.

There's nothing more frustrating than a broken process, especially when that process is on display for a potential customer.

LotVision helps businesses become more efficient and optimize their auto lots, making those frustrating conversations a thing of the past.

See for Yourself How LotVision Simplifies Routine Tasks and Drives Operational Efficiencies

Check Out LotVision in Action

Group 6544

Shorten Your Time to Sale 

Insights to optimize workflow and reduce vehicle time to front line.

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Improve Your Customer Experience

Real-time view of vehicle health ensures every vehicle is road worthy and customer ready. 

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Group 6672

Cut Time
Spent Locating

Instant, accurate vehicle location ensures you'll find the vehicle where and when you need it. 


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Scale Up 
or Down as Needed

Highly scalable and quickly customizable platform supports any number of lots, vehicles and employees so you’ll never outgrow your investment.

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Drive Change With Data 

Real-time data provides visibility into your operations for actionable insights that spot and resolve bottlenecks and improve profitability. 

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Recoup the cost of LotVision in as little as 4 months.

Independent research firm, Hobson & Company, found that LotVision addresses specific customer challenges and delivers a quick and compelling ROI.

LotVision: Powering Intelligent Lot Management

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    Quick and Easy Start

    No tools, no technician implementation with less than 60-second pairing and in-vehicle sensors that are quickly deployed and can be easily redeployed by staff as needed, ensuring a smooth deployment and immediate improvements.

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    Built and Supported by Industry Leaders

    Smart technology built and developed by automotive industry veterans gives you the benefits of working with a reliable partner who has the experience and expertise to anticipate your needs and tackle your challenges.

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    Services That Ensure Success

    Hands-on rollout, 24/7 ramp-up support, and ongoing consulting to track performance against specific KPIs help you meet business goals and objectives and drive continuous improvement.

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    Operates Reliably in Harsh Conditions

    Durable and rugged future-proof design with multi-year life expectancy works reliably in temperatures from -4F to 158F.

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    Integrates Into Existing Processes and Systems

    Intuitive, device-agnostic software integrates with what you have, from inventory management systems to sales and financing platforms, to CRM.

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    Configurable to Your Needs

    Connectivity options for on and off site — including underground garages — and customizable geo-fences provide data and alerts on what matters most to your business.


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