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SMART COMMUNITIES-CU-2 PARK USAGE MONITORING Identifies opportunities to increase park use and scheduling EYE IN THE SKY Detect and alert police of suspicious activity LOT VISIBILITY & LICENSE READERS Ensures parking availability for park users and captures evidence
SMART COMMUNITIES-W INSTANT OUTAGE ALERTS Improve time to repair, increase public safety and citizen experience DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF LIGHTS Enables future infrastructure upgrades ENERGY CONSERVATION Dimmers on Smart Lights reduce power usage and costs
SMART COMMUNITIES-CU-1 ON-STREET PARKING ALONG BUSY CURBS License readers and sensors maximize parking usage during peak times ENHANCED ACTIVITY CHANNEL Improves traffic flow and reduces congestion LOADING/UNLOADING MANAGEMENT Ensures authorized use of available parking, reducing congestion and abuse

Enhanced Public Safety

Creating safer spaces to live, work and play

  • Citizens feel safer and have peace of mind when enjoying parks and public spaces.
  • Park utilization increases, business districts thrive, and crime is reduced.
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Streamlined Mobility

Moving people efficiently to and through various places

  • Traffic flow improves and citizens can access popular places easier saving time and sanity.
  • Traffic incidents decrease, improving roadway safety.
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Sustainable Infrastructure

Designing public spaces to improve the lives of citizens

  • Roadways are adequately lit and streetlights are converted to future-enabling smart infrastructure to increase safety.
  • Energy use is reduced and lights are replaced quickly, making public spaces safer and giving citizens a greater sense of security.
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    Increase Public Safety and Security

    Give residents and visitors peace of mind and an enhanced feeling of security by using real-time data to make parks, neighborhoods, parking garages, entertainment districts and other public spaces safe and secure.

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    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Optimize human and financial capital and serve as a conscious and effective steward of public resources with Video Analytics, Mobility, Public Safety and Infrastructure Solutions.

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    Make Data-Informed Decisions

    Capture, process and analyze real-time data from a variety of sources and turn it into actionable insights that improve efficiency, enhance safety and drive ROI.

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    Generate Incremental Revenue

    Leverage existing resources in new and innovative ways to generate ongoing revenue streams that provide financial and operational benefits and simultaneously enhance citizens’ quality of life.

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    Provide a Better Citizen Experience

    Better serve communities with solutions that make public spaces and streets safer, parking easier, traffic more manageable and give city leaders the ability to allocate money for citizen priorities.

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    Simplify Complexity With an Integrated Solution

    Alleviate complexity and focus on core business with best-of-breed technologies connected in one integrated solution that’s backed by product specialists fully vested in your success.


Case Study Henderson, Nevada

Cox 2M and the City of Henderson, Nevada formed a partnership that created an innovation corridor in downtown Henderson. IoT solutions were selected to address the infrastructure needs of the city, the chief of which was Smart Lighting. The result? — substantial savings in energy consumption and operational efficiencies. 

The Cox 2M Difference

Delivering end-to-end connected solutions uniquely designed for your community's needs today and in the future.

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