An enhanced consumer experience
With real-time data and proven ROI
Cities are migrating to smart solutions

Municipalities continue to face a business model with rising operational costs due to higher energy consumption and aging infrastructure. What if you could reverse the trajectory of that model and move to one that generates new revenue, improves ROI and enhances the quality of life in your community? You can.



Why Choose Cox Smart Communities?

Partnering with Cox Smart Communities provides access to our proven track record of implementing innovative technology, paired with the experience of our network experts in designing, building and maintaining smart infrastructure. From utilizing new lighting, parking and curbside management solutions to video analytics and live kiosks, you’ll quickly see the benefits of using real-time data in the field to create a more sustainable model with a brighter future for everyone.

Lighting Solutions

Your lighting infrastructure is the key to a smarter, safer and more sustainable future. Our Smart Communities platform can simplify your smart journey, providing insights into your infrastructure that previously were unattainable.

Benefits of smart lighting

  • Enables data-driven decision making
  • Drives down energy usage and improves environmental conditions
  • Makes cities smarter, safer and more connected
  • Provides a cost-effective and compatible platform for deploying smart city services and bridging the digital divide
  • Plugs into existing streetlights to provide vital services to improve pedestrian and public safety

Cox Smart Communities Lighting Solutions deliver enhanced ROI by driving down overall truck rolls, cutting energy costs and extending the life of your lighting infrastructure; it can also serve as the starting point for deploying integrated wireless networks. That’s a brighter future everyone can get behind.

Overhead shot of a street

The digital twin process

Being able to clearly identify your existing infrastructure is important to implementing a successful smart lighting project. Our unique data capture process utilized ground and aerial technology to accurately create a digital twin of your entire footprint.

Data Capture

Data Capture
Fleet vehicles and drones equipped with camera systems and LiDAR scanners capture critical infrastructure data.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization
A 3D CAD model of your footprint equipped with GIS capabilities provides easily accessible, rich visual data.

Data Insights

Data Insights
Our platform allows you to explore data insights that can lead to smarter real-time decision making.

Overhead shot of a street

How it works

Cox Smart Communities enables and offers a speed-to-market advantage for curbside management because we handle the entire process from permitting and construction to installation and connectivity.

Data Capture

Cameras/Sensors captures ALPR data and associates that vehicle with a specific curbside stall and alerts drivers of time remaining on their occupied space.

Enforcement options

enforcement Options
Visual cues share vehicle information and a count-down clock to inform the driver and encourage them to move from their occupied space when their time has expired.


Digital visual cues, in combination with the data insights captures, empower customer to dynamically manage the usage of the curb and monetize accordingly (timed parking, commercial permits, no parking, and more).

Curbside Management

Manage, monitor, and monetize the curbs in your community. What was once a humble curb space occupied mostly by taxis, buses, and the occasional delivery truck has now become a gathering spot where part-time rideshare drivers, food delivery drivers, and countless other mobile services are all trying to share the same space.

Curbside Management Solutions are an effective way to take control of your valuable curb asset, understand who is visiting your curb space and reclaim lost parking revenues.

Smart curbside management benefits

  • Improves access and traffic flow
  • Enhances safety for riders and drivers
  • Efficiently manages commercial traffic
  • Allows for automated parking enforcement
  • Generates new revenue and new data insights

Our Curbside Solutions generate new insights that provide you the data you need to manage your curb space and traffic more efficiently, while also creating more innovative ways to monetize valuable curb space and enhance your overall ROI.

Parking Solutions

Smart Parking Solutions from Cox Smart Communities create seamless parking experiences with designs to meet every customer requirement.

Benefits of smart parking

  • Eases traffic congestion and reduces emissions
  • Dynamically guides customers to available parking & creates a better customer experience
  • Increases the occupancy rate while also improving public safety
  • Delivers data-driven insights that improve ROI opportunities

Creates efficiencies by reducing operating and maintenance Implementing smart parking technology greatly enhances the overall customer experience by allowing drivers to quickly and easily find available spaces. This reduces traffic congestion, attracts new visitors and improves the quality of life for all residents.

Cars parked in a parking garage

Smart parking components

Our aim is simple – to deliver a smart parking solution that enhances safety and the customer experience

Safety and Insights

Our Cox Smart Communities platform manages all devices and data, providing real-time dashboards and reporting on utilization and alerts for security concerns.

QR Codes

Printed at locations inside the parking garage, a customer scans the code with a smart phone and receives location reference for the parking space.

Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic
Integrate with real-time traffic information on surrounding roadways to help drivers avoid congested streets or routes.

Smart Traffic

Smart app
Integrate with mobile software to follow the flow of vehicles and use of spaces in real-time. Receive alerts and visually rich data to manage the lot efficiently.

Closeup of a video camera lens

A smarter way to go

Cox Smart Communities removes the barriers to entry for Smart Video Analytics by bringing full end-to-end solutions to your city coupled with creative financing that allows cities to work within existing budget perimeters.

Assessment and Design

Cox Smart Communities provides a full assessment to determine placement of cameras, bandwidth needs, and any environmental or lighting conditions required to satisfy customer needs.


We handle all aspects of the build out from permitting and pole attachment agreements to physical construction and long-term maintenance.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights
Video analytics are versatile in that they provide new insights that allow you to improve traffic flow, public safety, and personal security while also better understanding consumer behavior that can lead to new revenues for your community.

Video analytics

Utilizing video cameras as part of your smart community deployment provides many advantages and opportunities to enhance the lives of your residents. Video Analytics from Cox Smart Communities provide real-time insights that allow you to turn daily observations into data-driven decisions.

Key components of video analytics

  • Capture rich digital data that can improve safety, drive economic development, and improve policies
  • Multiplier effect for police and enforcement authorities with remote monitoring and detection/identification of objects of interest
  • Deliver real-time alerts for dangerous situations to reduce response times
  • Analyze historical trends to make predictive recommendations on personnel staffing or other policies

From optimizing traffic and enhancing public safety to improving resident and visitor experiences through mobility improvements, Cox Smart Communities Video Analytics deliver the total picture - allowing you to identify new opportunities for ROI while building a smarter and safer community for all.

Smart kiosk benefits

Whether you are a business looking to connect with customers in a better way, or a community looking to serve residents more efficiently, a Smart Kiosk Solution from Cox Smart Communities is an innovative and powerful way to accomplish your goals.

Smart kiosk benefits

  • Create engagements with digital messaging designed to reach your audience
  • Deploy wireless networks in areas of heavy footfall
  • Provide wayfinding solutions for visitors
  • Create opportunities for touchscreen transactions
  • Create opportunities for new revenue streams such as digital advertising
  • Collect and analyze a tremendous amount of data

Smart Kiosk Solutions from Cox Smart Communities help create a community hub where engagement, communications, and insights thrive.

Smart kiosk at a bus stop

How it works

Cox Smart Communities can deploy smart kiosk solutions in a quick and efficient manner because we handle the entire process from permitting and construction to installation and connectivity.

Cutting-edge hardware

Cutting-Edge Hardware
4K Ultra HD screens up to 98 inches are built to provide up to 10 years of unparalleled image quality and can be integrated with touchless interaction using smartphones and QR Codes.

Versatility and Value

Versatility & Value
Ideal for thousands of potential outdoor spaces that can be monetized through dynamic advertising, curbside management, wayfinding, WiFi and more.

Smart Traffic

Analytics & Insights
Make smarter decisions through real-time insights on crowd control, weather, curbside traffic stats, digital advertising reach, pedestrian flow and vehicle traffic density.