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Streamlined Mobility

Dynamic Curbside Solutions

Keep People Moving
More Efficiently

Maximize the Value of Your Curb Space

Manage, Monitor and Monetize Your Curb Space

Demand at the curb is more challenging than ever. Drivers looking for spaces increase traffic congestion, which disrupts business and compromises the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. To keep traffic flowing, business booming, and people protected:

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Keep Traffic Moving

Cox 2M handles the entire process from permitting to construction, to installation and connectivity, to maintenance and support to ensure a successful project and deliver a better citizen experience.

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    Visual Display

    Provide real-time feedback to drivers and pedestrians along the curb to change behaviors for the better

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    Video Analytics

    Optimize planning of new infrastructure, reroutes and redesigns on roadways with the ability to know traffic load at different times of the day

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    Real-time alerts warn when traffic is building and speed up emergency team response times

The Freemont Street
Experience in Las Vegas

This popular venue was experiencing heavy congestion from taxis and rideshares, making an unsafe environment for pedestrians and visitors. To make conditions safer, the City of Las Vegas partnered with Cox 2M to create designated Taxi Zones.

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    75% reduction in dwell time

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    35% increase in utilization

  • Group 6986-2

    67% reduction in violations

Key Benefits of Smart Mobility

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    Improved Air Quality

    Fewer starts and stops, less driving around, reduced traffic congestion, and shorter idling times reduce traffic-related air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Safer Environments

    Designated drop-off and pick-up zones protect drivers and passengers from the risks associated with busy city streets.

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    Business Growth

    Adequate spaces to for parking and pick-up keep customers coming back.

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    Less Vehicular Congestion

    Managing how the curb is used for special events, freight deliveries and other events that cause traffic disruption improve the citizen experience by lowering the event’s impact on parking and reducing traffic congestion.

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    New Revenue Streams

    Total control over city spaces such as how, what and if to charge for parking violations, permits and code enforcement meters allows you to do what is in the best interest of all parties involved.

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    Better Decision-Making

    Real-time visibility and data on vehicle movements lead to more informed decisions regarding curbside management.

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