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Public Safety

Smart Park Solutions

Make Parks Safer and
More Enjoyable

Enhance Livability, Workability and Sustainability

Add Value to Green Spaces With Integrated Technologies


Baker Park Case Study

The City of Las Vegas and Cox 2M partnered to make Baker Park safer and increase park utilization. Analyzing data collected from connected and smart technologies, the city and Cox 2M designed and implemented a Smart Parks program to meet those goals. 

Key Benefits of Smart Parks

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    Higher Community Satisfaction

    City parks provide citizens access to recreational opportunities, increase nearby property values, and boost economic development.

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    Better Use of Public Spaces

    Places where citizens feel safe and secure are more enjoyable and utilized more. Leveraging technologies and data allows you to more effectively determine community needs.

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    Elevated Community Wellness

    Parks promote feelings of well-being and calm especially when adjacent to residential neighborhoods. When choosing a place to live, 84% of U.S. adults seek high-quality parks and recreation.

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    Reduced Operating Costs

    Real-time alerts ensure the necessary manpower is dispatched for more efficient use of resources. The monitoring of maintenance issues, the ability to control when lights turn on and off, and regulating light brightness reduce energy consumption and costs.

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    Stronger Local Economies and Jobs

    Cities that maximize use of parks can offset costs and increase revenues from park utilization and parking fees.

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    Reduced Vandalism and Improper Usage

    Connected and smart technologies provide 24/7 surveillance capability. Real-time data can be analyzed and used in new ways to reduce crime and ensure parks are utilized properly.

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Smart Parks By the Numbers

See the Impacts of Smart Parks on Communities 

Remove up to 7,111,000 tons of toxins Trees in urban parks remove up to 7,111,000 tons of toxins from the air annually at a value of $3.8 billion to cities Reduce heat 10 to 20 degrees Large shady parks reduce heat by 10-20 degrees in surrounding neighborhoods Spending on parks has grown 43% Since 2017, cities have increased their investments in community parks by 43% 90% see the value of parks and recreation 90% of adults in the U.S. agree that parks and recreation is an important service provided by their local government Staffing costs account for 54% and park management account for 44% For a typical parks and recreation agency, staffing costs account for 54% of the operating budget, and park management accounts for 44%

Why Cox 2M?

Cox 2M provides a turnkey solution involving connectivity, construction, hardware, software, and support that’s based on your unique needs, challenges, and goals.