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during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and businesses, including how dealers manage their lot. From limited physical access to vehicles, to having a shortened team on hand, dealers are scrambling to keep their operations in tact and cars ready for sale.

Lot Vision empowers dealers with the ability to manage their inventory remotely, effectively and accurately.

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Unlock business value Through Cox2M's Connected Asset Services

Cox2M gives you the turn-key ability to monitor and track your commercial assets, resulting in operational efficiencies and better customer experience.

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Connect nearly any asset, anywhere: inventory, equipment or infrastructure

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Monitor the location and status of your assets and get notified of any issues

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Get the data and tools you need to reduce waste and automate key processes

Cox2M Connected Asset Services

Automotive Lot Management

Helping dealerships and auction lots improve operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and enhance customer experience by providing real-time location and telematics on all vehicles.

Connected Fleet

Enabling fleet management at an unbeatable price-point, so that any-sized business can affordably track their vehicles, gain insight into vehicle health, and optimize fleet performance.

Asset Tracking

Enabling intelligence for all assets: big or small, fixed or mobile. Track real-time location, monitor performance, improve workflows, and optimize utilization.

Smart City

Transforming cities to improve quality of living and reduce expenditures, with tailored solutions in areas such as infrastructure, lighting, transit, utilities, and waste management.

Smart Energy

Reducing operational expenses with precise fault detection, remote interventions, and usage optimization for electrical networks, oilfields, and more.

Smart Agriculture

Collecting critical data on water levels, soil moisture, crop health, and storage temperatures, then applying advanced analytics to improve yields, reduce costs, and ultimately increase revenue.

Smart Healthcare

Helping both patients and care providers in creating more effective, personalized, and affordable healthcare by remotely tracking and monitoring medical equipment and patient health.

Smart Retail

Facilitating secure and human-centric environments for consumers and residents. Detect issues like water leaks, rodents, energy waste, or security breaches and proactively address from afar.

End-to-End IoT Solutions in One Cohesive Package

Cox2M bundles connectivity, hardware and software into one cohesive package so you don’t have to manage multiple vendor relationships and can simply focus on what you do best.

All of Cox2M’s technologies are purpose-built to be open, highly scalable, and quickly customizable so that we can easily integrate into your current systems and begin providing immediate value at the right price-point for your business.

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Tiny trackers that last years on battery life? Sophisticated sensors that pull multiple data streams? We will source or custom build the right sensors for the demands of your application.

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Licensed or unlicensed? High-powered or low-bandwidth? Rest assured we'll choose the right connectivity standard that’s completely reliable and perfectly suited to your use case.

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Mobile? Desktop? Tablet? Use our highly intuitive, easy to learn, interfaces or let us quickly integrate with your existing reports and tools.

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Monitoring a few dozen critical assets? Tracking a few million? Our IoT platform is open, enterprise-grade, and supercharged with tools that make the most out of your data.