LotVision is a complete, integrated lot management platform. Using in-vehicle sensors, network connectivity, and monitoring application, it continuously gathers data on each vehicle’s location and, using onboard diagnostics (OBD), the status of key systems in the vehicle.

The technology is designed and built for automotive businesses operating across multiple sites, or even groups with multiple dealerships. 

On the most basic level, this allows staff, 3rd parties and customers to find vehicles faster. Not only is this good for sales people and customers, it can also accelerate the repair process and increase staff productivity.

Using features such as vehicle location tracking, lot mapping, and health metrics, LotVision helps businesses collect data on the operational performance of each site, their teams, and functions within sites giving invaluable insight into lot performance and helps identify opportunities for improvement.

Through its support of a range of low-power network technologies, the platform makes it possible to economically track vehicle locations across the entire company and off-site. And integration with industry leading inventory management systems ensures fast, accurate reconciliation across the system.

Using OBD data, lot staff can find vehicles with low battery levels or other vehicle-condition issues. This helps to ensure that every vehicle is in top condition, and ready-to-roll, when salespeople need it or the customer wants to drive it away.

Cox 2M: with you every step of the way

Whether it’s working with you on planning and installation, helping to train staff in the use of the platform, or ensuring your business analysts get the data they need, Cox2M experts will help you with every aspect of your LotVision implementation.

Designing a data-led strategy

Our experts work with you to understand your goals and design an implementation plan to help meet those goals. Looking at the different workflows in your organization, we’ll devise a LotVision strategy which ensures you capture data that is the most useful and actionable to your business, for the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Intelligent and customized implementation

Based on your workflows, your vehicle pathways, and other data, we’ll create a custom map of your sites. Using geo-fencing, we’ll demarcate different functions and locations, to give you precise and user-friendly data on the location of each vehicle on your site.

Smooth and seamless deployment

Our technicians work with your staff to deploy in-vehicle sensors as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption. In previous implementations, we’ve installed as many as 26,000 devices in just six hours. And our experts will train your staff, so they can remove devices easily when a vehicle is sold and redeploy those devices on new stock.

Instant and measurable improvements

Our technicians will work with your staff to ensure the data collected by LotVision yields instant results. These can be as simple, but effective, as significantly reducing the time it takes to find a vehicle. But, they can also be as far-ranging as gathering data you can use to optimize workflows, increase worker productivity and yield long-term improvements in customer satisfaction and profitability. 

Intuitive, device-agnostic software

LotVision works on the widest possible range of devices.

Whether the user is a lot driver working from a smartphone who wants to find the car as fast as possible, or a business analyst sitting in front of their computer, the platform allows them to achieve their goals quickly and intuitively.

Key functionalities


Track vehicle locations in seconds.

Identify vehicles with low battery or other issues.

Gather ongoing vehicle health and status data remotely.

Monitor vehicles even when they go off-lot.

Gather data on lot efficiency and vehicle pathways.

Customizablereal-time alerts

real-time alerts

When a vehicle moves to the next repair stage.

If a vehicle has been in one location for too long.

When a vehicle battery is low or dead.

If a vehicle is moved after hours.

If the vehicle  hasn’t been moved for a specified time.

The power of integration

The power
of integration

Integrates with leading inventory management systems.

Works with dealer sales and financing platforms.

APIs for CRM and other sales
and support software.

Connect through a wide range of networking technologies.

Business Impacts

The impact
across the business

Executive: achieve business goals faster.

Business: data helps managers make better decisions.

Lot staff: cut time spent finding and repairing cars.

Customers: a better experience means higher approval ratings.

Connectivity options for every use case

Whether you need to track vehicles on and off-site, in the open, in underground garages or as they travel across the country, LotVision supports a network standard that can meet the challenge.



Using this low-powered standard, you can trace vehicles across even the largest lot.



A cellular connection allows the platform to relay real-time data about vehicles that have been moved off and between lots.



With Bluetooth, you can connect to vehicles in areas of poor cellular and LoRa reception, such as underground garages. 

Cut time spent locating vehicles by


Know instantly where any vehicle is, as soon as you need it.

Accelerate repair time by


Status monitoring can increase vehicle throughput.

Shorten time to sale by

7 days*

Optimized workflows reduces vehicle
time to frontline.

Reduce contentious negotiations by


Get complete visibility of onboard diagnostics readings to ensure every vehicle is ready to drive off the lot.

* Source: Cox 2M client deployments

Peace of mind with Cox 2M

LotVision is part of a comprehensive suite of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions from Cox 2M.

These smart solutions connect and manage field assets for communities and organizations operating in industries such as automotive, energy, utilities, transportation, and agriculture. The solutions benefit from a resilient and highly secure nationwide network infrastructure that ensures the protection of data in-transit and the surfacing of valuable insights that be used to transform business and customer experiences.

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