For fuel distributors

For fuel distributors

With Tank Level Monitoring, you can remotely monitor and manage customer needs, to provide a fast and seamless service. The data you gather also allows you to manage and predict demand, so you can precisely match your own fuel stocks to your business needs.

This enables the optimization of storage, logistics and other operations, so you can provide the best possible service without incurring unnecessary overheads.

For tank users and engineers

For tank users and engineers

Tank Level Monitoring provides the benefit of remote monitoring of all fuel tanks, with no need for local input or level readings. Achieve peace of mind knowing that alerts are triggered when tank levels hit the threshold set for automatic resupply.

Customer tank-level data optimizes resupply schedules and routes to improve logistics and driver availability. Be aware of potential leaks or even theft, so you can take fast action. 


Use cases 

Get real-time visibility

Get real-time

Know real-time accurate tank fuel levels for every tank and customer on your books, all the time.

Avoid customer downtime

Avoid customer

Use tank monitoring and automatic resupply thresholds to prevent unplanned fuel-related customer downtime.

Cut fuel purchase costs

Cut fuel
purchase costs

Accurate demand-prediction helps you optimize the volume and timing of your fuel purchases for the best possible price.

Identify leaks and theft

Identify leaks
and theft 

With real-time and historical tank data, it’s much easier to quickly recognize leaks and theft, so you can take rapid action.

Reduce deliveries and distances

Reduce deliveries
and distances 

Plan resupply schedules to optimize fuel routes, cutting logistic costs and making the most cost-effective use of driver time.

Streamline logistics admin

logistics admin 

Integrate back-office systems to streamline ticketing, billing and accounting, freeing staff from the labor of manual monitoring to concentrate on other tasks.

Transforming fuel tank and supply management

Achieve business value within

30 days*

Tank Level Monitoring starts paying for itself within just days.

Tank monitoring set-up within just

5 minutes*

With easy self-install, it takes on average just five minutes to install the sensor and get tank monitoring up and running.

Obtain predictive readings within

30 days*

Within a month, you’ll have enough predictive data to optimize fuel purchasing and other aspects of your operation.

Reduce unnecessary fill-ups by


Mitigate the inefficiencies and incurred cost of refilling your fuel tanks when it's not required by removing the guesswork from level monitoring.

Move bulk fuel purchase to


Switch from bulk to just-in-time fuel purchase to optimize your logistics and storage costs.

Eliminate fuel run-outs by


With accurate information on fuel levels at your finger tips running out of fuel will be a thing of the past.

* Source: Cox2M client deployments

Peace of mind with Cox 2M

Tank Level Monitoring is part of a comprehensive suite of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions from Cox 2M.

These smart solutions connect and manage field assets for communities and organizations operating in industries such as automotive, energy, utilities, transportation, and agriculture. The solutions benefit from a resilient and highly secure nationwide network infrastructure that ensures the protection of data in-transit and the surfacing of valuable insights that you can use to transform business and customer experiences.


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