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Cox 2M Unveils New Indoor/Outdoor Industrial Asset Tracking Capabilities with GearTrack

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Industrial manufacturers can now track and manage high-value assets indoors and out, from a single sensor, improving productivity and driving cost efficiencies.

ATLANTA – July 6, 2023 – Managing industrial manufacturing assets — components, parts, or finished goods — is easier with GearTrack powered by Cox 2M, the Cox Communications Internet of Things (IoT) business line. GearTrack now enables leading manufacturers to track and manage high-value assets both indoors and out with an integrated solution.  

Why This Matters

“The manufacturing industry has always been a key driver of technological innovations worldwide and is a strong focus for Cox 2M. We’re excited to bring our industrial solution to market with a new brand name, GearTrack, while also introducing expanded capabilities,” said Barak Weinisman, vice president and general manager of Cox 2M. “GearTrack’s single sensor solution addresses the need for speed and agility, must-haves for manufacturers in today’s ever-evolving business environment.”  

Go Deeper

GearTrack enables manufacturers to expedite throughput for improved profitability by combining sensors, network connectivity, and a powerful monitoring application. Data collected from GearTrack integrates with manufacturers’ systems of choice — enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), or manufacturing execution systems (MES) — to facilitate decisions that remove friction from manufacturing and distribution processes.

“Industrial manufacturers are faced with the challenge of reducing costs, optimizing business processes and improving resource allocation to remain competitive,” Weinisman explained. "Having greater visibility into the status, location, and movement of critical assets across the plant floor, the yard, and distribution facilities is key to achieving these goals."

With an IP67 rating, GearTrack sensors are easy to implement and designed to operate in rugged industrial manufacturing environments. The solution delivers real-time insights that enable better resource allocation and decrease operational bottlenecks with customizable features and alerts.  

Additionally, GearTrack:  

  • Delivers access to data in real-time on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Tracks high-value assets by serial number or unique identifier both indoors and out.
  • Monitors the movement of assets from one station to the next.
  • Provides historical tracking of each asset and time spent in each zone.
  • Reconciles finished goods inventory in minutes.
  • Prevents work-in-progress goods from entering shipping lanes.

To learn more about GearTrack and its capabilities, visit: https://www.cox2m.com/geartrack/industrial-rtls

About Cox 2M

Cox 2M is the Internet of Things (IoT) business line within Cox Communications, committed to enabling connected environments through IoT solutions for businesses and communities. Cox 2M’s end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate connectivity, hardware, software, and analytics to monitor and track commercial assets, powering business insights, operational efficiencies, and improved experiences for its customers.

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